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2020 Federal Poverty Level Update Read more news...

2020 Federal Poverty Level Update

Printer-friendly resource card gives you a snapshot of poverty in Ohio that you can easily share with friends, colleagues and legislators.

Ohio’s communities thrive when people feel safe, have good jobs and can afford the basics. Unfortunately, a job doesn’t always mean a living and Ohioans across the state aren’t making enough to make ends meet.

AOF’s updated Ohio Poverty Snapshot resource card highlights that despite signs of an economic recovery, too many Ohioans are living in poverty. One side of the card shows the 2020 Federal Poverty Guidelines that are used to determine who is and who is not eligible for benefits through public support programs and the other highlights that most common Ohio jobs leave working Ohioans in need of extra support.

Join the Conversation:
◦We encourage you to print and share this resource with your friends, colleagues and your state lawmakers.
◦If you would like a copy of the card sent to you, please send us an email with your name and mailing address.
◦When you talk with people, highlight that government investments in public support programs benefit all Ohioans.