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AOF Urges House to Oppose HB 200 Read more news...

AOF Urges House to Oppose HB 200
Joel Potts, Executive Director, Ohio JFS Directors Association

HB 200 would reduce access to basic nutrition assistance in the poorest areas in the state and restrict Ohio’s ability to help its most disadvantaged workers.

Currently, there are 38 counties in Ohio on a waiver from SNAP federally-mandated work requirements for able-bodied adults (ages 18-49) without dependent children after 3 months of assistance because of limited employment opportunities in those areas.

HB 200 would prohibit the state from seeking these waivers and enact a number of additional requirements in order for people to receive food assistance.

The sponsor of HB 200 has stated the intention of the bill is to restore the dignity of Ohioans by moving them from public assistance to work. However, most SNAP recipients who are able to work already do so. The most significant barriers inhibiting SNAP recipients from meeting work requirements is a lack of long-term employment opportunities that pay a living wage and provide stable hours above the 80-hour-per-month threshold.

Instead of restricting food assistance, Advocates for Ohio’s Future urges lawmakers to oppose HB 200 and invest in quality education and job training programs across the state and provide meaningful opportunities for our most vulnerable Ohioans on their path to self-sufficiency.

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