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AOF Testifies on biennial Transportation Budget Read more news...

AOF Testifies on biennial Transportation Budget
Photo via Central Ohio Transit Agency

Encourages members of House Finance Committee to consider significant investments in accessible public transit and an offset to any gas tax increase

Ohio’s under-investments in public transit over the past several decades limits low income workers’ ability to reach a diversity of jobs with sustainable wages and their ability to support themselves and their families. It also leaves too many people with disabilities and those who are aging essentially homebound, making it difficult for them to access the grocery store, doctor’s office, and to meet their other needs with dignity.

The state should currently be providing at least $125million a year to support local, accessible public transit so Ohio can create more livable communities and attract economic growth and development.

We are encouraged by Governor DeWine’s leadership in proposing new revenue to meet the dire needs of Ohio’s roads and bridges. Improving our infrastructure will improve our safety and save many Ohioans thousands of dollars in auto repairs due to crumbling pavement.

However, the gas tax is a flat or consumption tax, and impacts the earnings of low income Ohioans more heavily than the rich.One way to mitigate potential harm is to expand the state Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).

Read our full testimony here