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Children's Defense Fund-Ohio: Ohio KIDS COUNT 2018

Understanding and Addressing the Changing Needs of Ohio’s Families and Their Children

This report provides a snapshot of the challenges facing Ohio’s children and their parents across Ohio. In the most recent national KIDS COUNT Data Book, Ohio ranked 25th across four domains of child well-being: education, health, economic well-being, and family & community; this places Ohio in the middle of the pack compared to other states when these factors are indexed into a single composite score. More detail is needed to understand Ohio’s performance on the specific areas of child well-being, including poverty, housing insecurity, and educational attainment. Ohio’s performance in these key areas and others is a reflection of our local and state investments in programs and services that support children and families.

Ohio’s policymakers, community leaders, and business leaders must recognize the importance of these findings and focus on improving outcomes for all children and families. Ohio’s future prosperity depends on having healthy, educated children and young adults ready for the world of work and to fully participate in our communities. This means that we must ensure that the needs of all Ohio children, particularly those most vulnerable, are met. Given these obstacles and opportunities, CDF-Ohio presents our policymakers, community leaders, social service community, and non-profit partners with this report to further our shared goal of ensuring all children are ready for school, the world of work, civic participation, and life.

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Looking for more specifics? Check out their county-level data on a variety of measures of health, education, economic well-being, and families and communities