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Policy Matters Ohio: Protecting Older Ohioans Read more news...

Policy Matters Ohio: Protecting Older Ohioans

A state budget is about priorities and needs. This year, lawmakers should prioritize safety and protection for older Ohioans. Ensuring our oldest neighbors can continue to contribute and thrive is in all of our interests.

Ohio’s population is aging, increasing the need for adult protective services. Deregulation and increasingly complex financial products make elderly Ohioans targets for exploitation. The state underfunds protective services, leaving counties without enough to address growing needs. Better funding will make our communities more vibrant and inclusive.

The state provides $1.2 billion less in flexible funding assistance to local government today than in 2010. Ohio boosted state investment for adult protective services since 2015, but not by enough. More resources will better ensure safety.

Ohio could become a leader in elder justice by anticipating resources needed to respond to our new comprehensive reporting laws and appropriating sufficient funding in the upcoming budget.

Lawmakers should appropriate at a minimum $22.75 million a year for adult protective services in the two-year 2020-21 budget. This will allow system capacity to be expanded and set the stage for deeper investment in subsequent years.

To learn more about what the state can do to help protect older Ohioans, read Policy Matters Ohio’s full report here