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AOF Testifies on HB 49 in House Subcommittee Read more news...

AOF Testifies on HB 49 in House Subcommittee
AOF Leadership Panel Addresses House Subcommittee

Members of the AOF leadership team delivered testimony before the House Finance Health and Human Services Subcommittee on Ohio's biennial budget bill.

Coalition Co-Chairs Mark Davis and Lisa Hamler-Fugitt, Public Policy Committee Chair Tara Britton, and Communications Committee Chair Teresa Lampl highlighted health and human service budget solutions that promote a safe, healthy, and thriving Ohio.

Davis stated, “Targeted, smart investments in human services—including food assistance, health care, early education, behavioral health, long-term services and supports, housing and child welfare—promote and support a productive workforce.”

“In Ohio today, a job, by itself, often is not enough. Before people are able to lift themselves up out of poverty through the use of training and education, they must be able to meet their basic needs. If they or their children are hungry, if they have no means of transportation, if they have untreated health issues, if they have an active opioid addiction, if they do not feel safe in their homes – those have to be addressed so that people can leverage training and education to better their life situation,” said Hamler-Fugitt to committee members.

Advocates for Ohio’s Future believes that all people are priorities, and called on the Ohio House to use its resources to better the lives of all Ohioans by creating good jobs, revitalizing human services programs, providing quality health care and helping Ohioans afford the basics.

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