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Webinar on Changes to Medicaid Spend-Down Read more news...

Webinar on Changes to Medicaid Spend-Down

Changes to Medicaid coverage for Ohioans over 60 and Ohioans with disabilities beginning August 1, 2016

The Ohio Department of Medicaid has announced plans to streamline the Medicaid program by eliminating spend-down after August 2016. The changes will bring a greater number of people into Medicaid, but will also result in some losing their benefits.

In AOF’s webinar our speakers provide an overview of spend-down, who is covered under the new rules process, and what options those who will be losing their coverage will have once the transition is complete.

Your Input Can Influence Policy

Click here to submit your questions and comments to Advocates for Ohio’s Future on the health care transition. Comments and questions will be shared with webinar presenters and will help to inform conversations with the Ohio Department of Medicaid about the impacts of the Medicaid transition.

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