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Webinar: a new messaging strategy to build support for human services Read more news...

Advocates are starting the conversation in a new way to reach "beyond the choir."

The webinar featured:

  • Margy Waller is Executive Director of The Mobility Agenda and Senior Fellow at Topos Partnership. She was also a Senior Advisor on domestic policy in the Clinton-Gore White House.
  • Teresa Lampl, Associate Director of the Ohio Council of Behavioral Health and Family Service Providers
  • Will Petrik, State Director of Advocates for Ohio’s Future

Each of the advocates stressed the need to start the conversation about health, human services, and early care & education in a new way. The ultimate goal is to build widespread public support and public understanding for public policy solutions that strengthen communities and our economy in Ohio.

Start your conversations in a new way with these resources:

Watch the webinar and find out why we’re talking in a new way:

Check out presentation slides here:

Want to dig deeper? Learn more about framing science and messaging strategy: