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Webinar: New resources help citizens advocate for Medicaid expansion Read more news...

Experts highlight how Medicaid expansion would strengthen Ohio families and the economy.

In an AOF webinar, Medicaid experts emphasized the importance of letting lawmakers know that Medicaid expansion boosts our economy, creates jobs and promotes healthy and competitive Ohioans.

Presenters included:

  • Cathy Levine, Executive Director of the UHCAN Ohio and Co-Chair of Ohio Consumers for Health Coverage
  • Col Owens, Senior Attorney of Legal Aid of Southwest Ohio and Co-Chair of Ohio Consumers for Health Coverage
  • Gene King, Executive Director of the Ohio Poverty Law Center.

Our resources below can help you talk to lawmakers, your colleagues and network about why Medicaid expansion would be so beneficial for Ohioans.

Learn about Medicaid expansion

Share resources with your lawmakers, colleagues, and network.

Show your support for Medicaid expansion

Share your Medicaid story
If you know someone who would benefit from the Medicaid expansion, they can share their story with advocates through the OhioSPEAKS website. Sharing stories of real Ohioans with lawmakers can be a compelling way to explain the value of Medicaid expansion.

Questions about getting access to health care or the Affordable Care Act?
UHCAN Ohio’s Helpline is a free resource available to all Ohioans looking for assistance with health care resources. Call 1-614-456-0060 ext. 233 to get help.