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Resources and Timeline: The FY2012-13 Budget in Review Read more news...

The FY2012-13 budget is now in effect. Here is a look back at the work that Advocates for Ohio's Future and its coalition partners put into making the budget better for vulnerable Ohioans.

The 129th General Assembly convened January 3, 2011. Governor John Kasich released his Executive Budget on March 15. The Biennial Budget bill, HB 153, was introduced March 29 in the Ohio House of Representatives. The bill immediately began working its way through subcommittees of the House Finance and Appropriations Committee. In the full committee, amendments will be introduced, debated, and voted on. The amended bill, approved by the House May 5, then moved to the Ohio Senate, where it worked its way through the committee process once again. Not surprisingly, the final version of the appropriations bill passed by the Senate on June 8 differed from the House-approved version. Because the House did not vote to concur with the Senate’s budget, a conference committee made up of representatives from each body was convened to sort out the differences beginning the week of June 13. The final compromise was voted out of conference committee close to midnight June 27 and was approved by the full House and the full Senate later that week, just in time to be signed by Governor Kasich (with seven line-item vetoes) on June 30.

FY2012-2013 Biennial Budget

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