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Governor releases executive budget Read more news...

Governor John Kasich and the Office of Budget and Management today released the executive budget.

The complete budget, dubbed “The Jobs Budget” by the administration, is laid out in five books:

These materials can also be downloaded from the Office of Budget and Management website.

In addition, the Office of Health Transformation released issue briefs summarizing health-related changes.

Read AOF’s response to the executive budget in its news release.

Read our partners’ responses to the budget.

According to reports coming in from Hannah News Service at the Governor’s budget news conference:

  • Budget Director Tim Keen said the Governor’s first budget fills the $8 billion shortfall without raising taxes by looking to reform the all-funds budget, rather than just the General Revenue Fund (GRF) budget. Keen said the budget essentially solves the structural balance by the second year.
  • Medicaid accounts for $1.4 billion in all funds savings over the biennium. The Governor said there are cuts to providers, and the budget looks to outcome-based medicine across the board. The budget also looks to draw down more federal funds with the franchise fee.

The Governor will discuss details of his proposed budget tonight at a town hall meeting beginning at 6 p.m. Watch the town hall meeting online at The Ohio Channel.