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New Resource: State Budget Fact Sheets Read more news...

New Resource: State Budget Fact Sheets

Issue fact sheets highlight state budget solutions for a safe, healthy and thriving Ohio.

Ohio’s communities thrive when people are safe, have good jobs and can afford the basics. When families can pay for the basics—like housing, child care, food, and repairs—that spending strengthens the economy and supports local business. When Ohioans can’t afford the basics, the economy slows down. A slow economy harms the local community, including businesses and Ohioans at all income levels who call it home.

The harsh reality for too many workers is that a job does not mean a living. While Ohio’s families are bringing in less money, the costs to support a family – food, housing, child care, health care, education, utilities, and transportation – have gone up. And overall unemployment has fallen in the past few years, there is an economic trend toward more low-wage, part-time and temporary jobs.

New state budget fact sheets highlight how targeted investments in Ohio’s human services programs strengthen families and communities.

Click here for a full list of AOF’s FY 2018-19 state budget priorities.