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AOF testifies on need to protect Ohio workers Read more news...

AOF testifies on harmful unemployment bill.

Col Owens, Co-chair of AOF, gave testimony today before the House Insurance Committee on HB 394, the unemployment compensation bill.

Owens stated, “If passed, HB 394 will dismantle one of Ohio’s most effective poverty prevention programs. More restrictive requirements for unemployment insurance (UI) benefits will make it more difficult for families who are already struggling to afford the basics to make ends meet. With Ohio’s poverty level still above the national average, we must invest in, not erode, programs that help Ohioans get back on their feet.”

Advocates for Ohio’s Future believes that Ohio’s public policy decisions should support working Ohioans and their families. Ohio’s economy thrives when all Ohioans can participate, but the proposed benefit cuts threaten our state’s prosperity.

Click here to read AOF’s testimony.

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