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Act Now: Tell Senators to Support Seniors' Safety Read more news...

Take action today to support protection for older Ohioans so they can live with dignity and free from fear of abuse, neglect or exploitation.

We believe that it’s important to preserve the dignity and ensure the safety of Ohio’s older adults, who are often at-risk. However, help for seniors at risk of elder abuse or neglect is almost entirely determined by where you live, and due to a lack of state funding, many programs across Ohio cannot afford to hire full-time investigators or provide the services needed to help keep seniors safe from abuse, neglect and exploitation.

Help Advocates for Ohio’s Future, the Ohio Association of Area Agencies on Aging, and the Ohio Coalition for Adult Protective Services send a strong, clear message supporting seniors’ safety. We need you to call your state Senators Tuesday, June 9, and tell them that you support $20 million per year for adult protective services (APS). This additional state funding would allow local APS agencies to improve services to Ohio’s seniors by enhancing efforts to ensure safety and provide help when needed.

1. Take Action Today!

Join the movement to keep Ohio’s seniors safe by taking a few minutes to contact the following Senators:

If you have a few more minutes, help us reach more key Senators, by also contacting:

What to say when you call or email:

“Hello, my name is __________ from [your city / county] and I believe that Ohio’s seniors deserve to live in safety and with dignity, free from abuse, neglect or exploitation. Please invest in adult protective services by increasing the State Adult Protective Services Allocation to $20 million per year in the budget bill. A strong and responsive adult protective services system is important in the fight against elder abuse. The help seniors get should not determined by where they live.

We must take care of all Ohioans across the age continuum from children to seniors. Please also consider an additional investment of $20 million in child protection services to promote safety and permanency for Ohio’s children. Thank you.”

2. Log Your Call

Click here to log your call or email so we can track how many calls and emails Senators received in support of a funding increase for programs that help improve the safety of Ohio’s seniors. Logging your call also helps us share your advocacy work with the media, lawmakers and other supporters.