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Act Now: Contact Your House Representative to Support Medicaid Read more news...

Join us today to protect health care for over 500,000 low-income Ohioans.

Health care for low-income Ohioans is at risk. Today, we’re asking you to make a phone call or send an email to your House Representative asking them to table (stop action on) the Butler Floor Amendment that would defund Ohio’s current Medicaid expansion.

What is the amendment and why do we think it will be offered?

  • The amendment would remove all funding for Group 8 (expansion population) from the budget bill (HB 64) and remove all references of Group 8 from the Ohio Revised Code.
  • The amendment sponsor believes that removing expansion from the budget bill will provide Ohio the best leverage to negotiate a better deal with the federal government.

Why should this risky amendment be tabled?

  • Defunding expansion will cut off coverage for more than 500,000 needy Ohioans.
  • Expansion is working; don’t let Ohio take a step backwards.

1. Take Action Today!

  • Find your House Representative by clicking here. Once on the website make sure to click “House” under “Find my Legislators” and enter your zip code.
  • Call your Representative by phone or send an email and ask them to table the Butler Floor Amendment that would defund Ohio’s Medicaid expansion.

2. Log Your Call or Email

  • Click here to log your call or email so we can track how many calls/emails Representatives received opposing the defunding of Medicaid expansion. Logging your call also helps us share your advocacy work with the media, lawmakers and other supporters.