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Take Action Webinar: Make Two Calls to Support AOF Today Read more news...

Take action today before the budget bill moves to the Senate.

We’re asking you to make two calls to House of Representative Finance Committee members to tell them to that you support Advocates for Ohio’s Future’s goals, and they should too.

Take Action Today!

Take advantage of our last chance to influence the state budget bill before it moves to the Senate. Please click here to find your Representative and log your call then use the call-script below to tell legislators that you support AOF’s policy goals that help strengthen Ohio’s families and communities.

What to say when you call:

“Hello, my name is _____________ and I’m calling from [your city/county] to let you know that I am a supporter of Advocates for Ohio’s Future and I care about policies that strengthen Ohio’s families and communities.

I am asking the Representative to please review materials from AOF’s testimony and support the recommendations of the coalition.”

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