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Webinar: State Budget Update and Highlight on Health Read more news...

AOF budget webinar slides and resources.

AOF and our partners are committed to helping Ohioans be safe in their homes, afford the basics, and find good jobs that ensure family stability. The state budget bill presents a huge opportunity for advocacy because it affects funding and policy decisions that impact all areas of health and human services.

Webinar speakers gave an update on what have emerged as opportunities and challenges. They outlined what big changes are being proposed in the budget bill that will affect programs delivering health care to Ohioans.  

2 Steps to Get Involved in State Budget Advocacy

1. Open “Act Now” emails from AOF and take action. Your individual actions add up to a big impact in the state house.

2. Help the Ohio Association of Foodbanks advocate for programs that provide healthy food to millions of Ohioans.

  • Healthy food is essential for healthy families. Impact the lives of millions of Ohioans in just minutes by making two calls to key state legislators by clicking here.

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