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Read and share stories from Ohioans like you who have benefitted from access to health care.

Our push to collect stories from Ohioans across the state about their experience with health care through Ohio’s Medicaid program has been a huge success! We have collected over 50 individual stories from Ohioans living in 19 counties, and many are now available online through our OhioSPEAKS website.

Health care is changing the lives of Karen, an educator from Mahoning, Phillip, who now has a family doctor, and Beth, a health care provider in Scioto county. Health care is also making a difference for Roger, who now has health care after 25 years of being homeless, Mary, who no longer relies on the emergency room, and Tonya from Muskingum county, who now has piece of mind.

These stories are essential to our advocacy efforts because they show that access to health care is having a powerful impact on thousands of Ohioans and their families.

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We encourage you to:

  • Read through stories from your area
  • Share a story you love on social media
  • Use this information to speak with your elected officials during the upcoming discussion around the budget

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