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Ben Ertel Hamilton County

I am a former opponent to Medicaid expansion and hail from a very anti-Obamacare family. I was an employee at University of Cincinnati Medical Center for two years before the anti-depressant I was taking at some point stopped working.

Instead of seeking help, I quit my job and went into a major depression. Luckily my family intervened and I was able to fully recover. I was covered until the end of the month with my current insurance, but was appalled to find out how expensive COBRA was a month. With new medications, outpatient treatment and a psychologist to see I had to pay for COBRA.

Luckily, as I applied for insurance in the marketplace, I found out I was eligible for Medicaid. I went from paying $1,000 for medical bills and insurance to around $250. The best part is that with the stress of keeping up with bills gone, I was able to take a course to obtain my State Tested Nurse’s Aide license and found a full time job within in a month.

From leaving my job in June, to getting approved for Medicaid the first of September, I am now insured through my employer as of December 1st. Medicaid was there for me when I needed it most and my debts would be enormous if it wasn’t for it. I come from a very fortunate family; I can’t imagine what a less fortunate individual would go through without Medicaid, possibly never getting the chance at recovery.

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