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Franklin County pop. 1,163,414

Ohio’s communities thrive when people feel safe, have good jobs and can make ends meet. Unfortunately, a job doesn’t always mean a living. As incomes decline, more and more families are unable to afford the rising cost of the basics—like food, housing, child care and health care. When all Ohioans have access to the tools needed to meet their basic needs, we all benefit from a stronger economy and a more prosperous society. What to learn more? Click through the county resources below.

Household Median Income

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2003-2013 Median Household Income Estimates

More about Franklin County

Franklin County Human Service Profile (The Center for Community Solutions) PDF

Franklin County Conditions for Children and Families (PCSAO) PDF

Medicaid Expansion’s Impact on Franklin County (Advocates for Ohio’s Future) PDF

Family Budget Calculator in 2014 dollars (Economic Policy Institute)

  • Lisa Franklin

    Taking the burden of housing off of us right now has enabled me to make another home for my children so that eventually we’ll be able to get back out and independently survive again.

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  • Monty Franklin

    Monty was homeless, addicted to crack, and a dealer. Things changed when he discovered he was about to become a father again in his fifties.

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  • Ron Franklin

    For the first time in my adult life, I have new things to do and places to explore that don’t have anything to do with alcohol. A whole new world has opened up for me and every day is a new possibility.

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  • William R. Franklin

    “I was a wreck when I first got here – I didn’t want to be here. But it has helped me more than anyone will ever know.”

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  • William D. Franklin

    “For a while, I was real, real mad. I used to blow up. Now I’m learning to think before I act and calm down.”

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  • Stephanie T. Franklin

    “I used to hide everything that I thought and everything that I felt. I just did whatever I wanted to do and I didn’t care if it affected anyone else. Now, I’ve learned to be a more outgoing and caring kind of person.”

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  • Keith H. Franklin

    “I am so grateful to Alvis House for helping to put our family back together”

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  • Amanda S. Franklin

    “‘This place has helped me figure out where to start asking for forgiveness,’ said Amanda. ‘My case manager helps me role play and practice how to say this stuff to people.’”

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  • R.J. Franklin

    You may not get everything that you want, but you get food, and it’s good quality food. And you can feed your families, and that’s the most important thing— making sure my girls have food and that they don’t go hungry.

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  • Mary Franklin

    Mary has gone from depending on her family and the emergency room for her health care needs, to being able to depend on Molina Healthcare and her care management team. 

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  • Roger Monk Franklin

    After being homeless for almost 25 years, Roger is now able to get the medical attention he needs and is getting an apartment and job training.

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  • Jackie White Franklin

    Jackie, a registered nurse in Columbus, sees her patients able to not only seek care but also fill their prescriptions thanks to Medicaid.

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  • Bob Krasen Franklin

    The office of the OB/GYN enrolled a woman I know in Medicaid during her first visit, so all of her medical care was covered. That’s the kind of health care experience that we should be proud of as Ohioans. Healthy mom, healthy child, and no astronomical debt!

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  • Primary Parent Franklin

    View the story of five parents who successfully navigated the child welfare system and are now advocates helping others do the same.

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