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Cuyahoga County pop. 1,280,122

Ohio’s communities thrive when people feel safe, have good jobs and can make ends meet. Unfortunately, a job doesn’t always mean a living. As incomes decline, more and more families are unable to afford the rising cost of the basics—like food, housing, child care and health care. When all Ohioans have access to the tools needed to meet their basic needs, we all benefit from a stronger economy and a more prosperous society. What to learn more? Click through the county resources below.

Household Median Income

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2003-2013 Median Household Income Estimates

More about Cuyahoga County

Cuyahoga County Human Service Profile (The Center for Community Solutions) PDF

Cuyahoga County Conditions for Children and Families (PCSAO) PDF

Medicaid Expansion’s Impact on Cuyahoga County (Advocates for Ohio’s Future) PDF

Family Budget Calculator in 2014 dollars (Economic Policy Institute)

  • The City Mission Cuyahoga

    They [our clients] are able to better parent, they’re able to maintain employment, and that’s really our goal – to help our clients to move to a place of self-sufficiency

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  • Torrey Solomon Cuyahoga

    Without Cleveland Housing Network, I don’t know what path I’d be on right now honestly. They just believed in me, and them believing in me made me believe more in myself.

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  • Kathy Cotman Cuyahoga

    Without these programs, I would be isolated in a nursing home, and cut off from involvement in society which all of us are entitled to.

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  • Nazlah J. Cuyahoga

    The only way to advance is to keep going to school, but in the meantime I don’t have health care.

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  • Carl Engelhart Cuyahoga

    I was staying two weeks ahead of homelessness and couldn’t get a job.

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  • Monique and Joy Cuyahoga

    After I was introduced to Cleveland Housing Network and [social worker] Tamika in 2003, my life changed drastically. I have a home. I have conquered my demons. I have returned to college after 10 years, and I have a 4.0 GPA.

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  • Elizabeth Cuyahoga

    Now I’m able to give something back. I do volunteer work…so that I can help other women empower themselves.

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  • Steven Cuyahoga

    The reason why I love it here as opposed to other places is because it’s vets. I love being around veterans, because they understand what I’ve been though. They know exactly what I’m talking about. You won’t find a better place for vets anywhere.

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  • Joanna W. Cuyahoga

    Thank God they were able to diagnose my problem…I was able to get back to my activities and my life.

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  • Maisha Cuyahoga

    The YouthBuild program offers entry level construction training, paid work experience, GED preparation services, internship, employment, and post-secondary education opportunities to help participants meet their employment goals.

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  • Nichelle Daniels Cuyahoga

    I thought we would be the ones chaining lives, but as we fell in love with these children, they changed our family for the better.

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  • Louise McKinney Cuyahoga

    When they leave the City Mission, they can take their medical card with them. They don’t have to wait until they have an emergency; they can have a medical home.

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  • Hazel Connelly Cuyahoga

    The dentist said something I won’t forget, “We’re going to give you a whole new smile.”

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  • Kara Gawelek Cuyahoga

    Medicaid expansion allowed my mother- a hard-working widow who raised two young daughters on her own- to finally see a doctor.

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  • Tahira Wilson Cuyahoga

    Receiving a health card within one month allowed my client to remain stable while learning appropriate ways to cope with being a newly diagnosed schizophrenic.

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  • Effie Morway Cuyahoga

    The coverage of basic preventive medicine, alcohol and drug rehabilitation, and mental health services has allowed people who have HIV to get the necessary care they need without being restrained by fears of unreasonable medical bills.

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