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Allen County pop. 106,331

Ohio’s communities thrive when people feel safe, have good jobs and can make ends meet. Unfortunately, a job doesn’t always mean a living. As incomes decline, more and more families are unable to afford the rising cost of the basics—like food, housing, child care and health care. When all Ohioans have access to the tools needed to meet their basic needs, we all benefit from a stronger economy and a more prosperous society. What to learn more? Click through the county resources below.

Household Median Income

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2003-2013 Median Household Income Estimates

More about Allen County

Allen County Human Service Profile (The Center for Community Solutions) PDF

Allen County Conditions for Children and Families (PCSAO) PDF

Medicaid Expansion’s Impact on Allen County (Advocates for Ohio’s Future) PDF

Family Budget Calculator in 2014 dollars (Economic Policy Institute)

  • Kitty Allen

    We cut back. We don’t eat out as often. We don’t go to visit my grandkids as often. Gas is too high. We turn the heat down. Now, I’d burn wood if I could, but I can’t. The foodbank helps im-mensely.

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  • Holly Watt Allen

    I finally, after 34 years of being uninsured, qualified for health insurance. I am now able to get the care I need without the financial barrier.

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