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Values, Mission and Goals

Advocates for Ohio’s Future values:

  • Ohio. Ohio should be a great place for all Ohioans to live and work. Ohio’s budget and public policy priorities can make Ohioans more competitive, create good jobs, increase opportunity for all Ohioans, and make Ohio’s economy stronger.
  • Community. Healthy people build strong communities. Health, human services and early education benefit all Ohioans and are fundamental building blocks of healthy, thriving communities.
  • People and Families. When people have essential human resources – things like food, housing, health care, education, child care and transportation – all Ohioans can live better lives.
  • Participation. Our members come from all walks of life across the state. Our diversity, our belief in democracy, and our efforts to find common ground make Advocates for Ohio’s Future strong, credible, and durable. We are open to working with all who share our values.


Advocates for Ohio’s Future promotes health and human service budget and policy solutions so that all Ohioans live better lives.

Advocates for Ohio’s Future works to accomplish its mission by:

  • Educating. Raising awareness of how health, human services, and early education make Ohioans more competitive and build strong communities that are attractive to families and businesses.
  • Collaborating. Building a statewide network of advocates to carry a unified message to influence the public, elected officials, and ultimately, budget and policy priorities.
  • Advocating. Advancing budget and public policy priorities that promote economic security and meet essential human needs, so all Ohioans can live better lives.

A nonpartisan coalition, Advocates for Ohio’s Future is funded by a combination of foundation and member grants, supporter contributions, and in-kind donations. If you would like to support the work of Advocates for Ohio’s Future, click here.

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For more information about AOF, read our fact sheets and talking points.