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How You Can Make a Difference

The voices of ordinary Ohioans can often get lost amid the noise of special-interest lobbying. Advocates for Ohio’s Future is committed to getting your voice heard – at the Statehouse in Columbus and back home in your legislative district. Because supporters of Advocates for Ohio’s Future receive health and human services, provide them, or understand their importance to a stable economy, they can best tell the story of the importance of vital public services.

Your first step to getting involved is to sign up as a supporter. It’s easy: Supply your email address and a little information about yourself, and you’re on your way to staying informed about the fate of these vital public services in the budget and having an influence on the future.

As an AOF supporter, you can get involved by:

  • Following the latest news about programs and services that help people meet their basic needs and improve the lives of all Ohioans;
  • Letting us know when an event focused on human services is coming up in your community; and

Many supporters want to get involved directly in the legislative process. If you’re ready to take the next step, become an AOF advocate:

  • Write a letter to your legislators making the case for meeting basic human needs;
  • Meet with your legislators in your home district to discuss the need for funding;
  • Testify at a public hearing on the budget about the difference health and human service programs make in your life.

At each step of the process, Advocates for Ohio’s Future can provide you with training, resources, and contact information. We can match you with others in your district so that you’re not alone. For more information about getting involved, contact us.