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COHHIO: Columbus: VAWA Compliance Training Session

COHHIO: Columbus: VAWA Compliance Training Session More events...

August 27, 2019 - 12:00pm

Join COHHIO at a training near you, and learn how to become fully compliant with Violence Against Women Act housing requirements.

Attention housing providers and advocates:
Do these questions sound familiar to you?
“My tenant’s ex broke a window. Can I collect damages from my tenant to repair it?”
“My tenant’s stalker keeps loudly banging on her door at night and waking up the neighbors. Can I make her move out?”
“My tenant’s ex keeps threatening her neighbors, how can I address this?”
“My tenant was abused but is a man, is he still protected by VAWA?”

You’re in luck. This year, COHHIO is launching its new VAWA Compliance Training Sessions. Affordable housing providers now have a new resource to help them develop strategies and plans to comply with the Violence Against Women Act as it relates to housing.

In just two hours, housing providers can learn about the details of Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) regulations, including their rights and obligations. Come get your questions answered, and learn how to develop long-term strategies for continued VAWA compliance.

RSVP for a COHHIO VAWA Compliance Training Session here.

Please note, training sessions will be held in the afternoon and we will notify you of the specific location as it is finalized. Please email with any questions or concerns.